Do you ship to my country or state/province?

We have stable supply chain to North America, Europe, United-Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand. We also offer shipping services to many other countries, if you are unsure, please contact us directly at info@aevial.com


I just placed an order, when will it ship?

We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. Please allow 2-5 business days for your order to ship out.


How long will it take to receive my order?

All of our products take between 1-4 weeks estimated total for production and delivery.

    Due to increased carrier delays in the past couple years we always note that ship times are estimated. We are unable to refund or cancel for a delayed order and an item already on the way as carrier delays are outside of our control. 

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions regarding shipping and your order at info@aevial.com.


    How much will shipping cost? 

    Shipping is FREE worldwide! All duties, necessary taxes and carrier fees will be free of charge for all clients no matter where they are shipping to!

    I received a damaged product, what can I do?

    We offer a free reshipment for any defective or damaged products upon receipt. Customers have 15 days after delivery to inform us about their damaged product. Email us at info@aevial.com with images of the damaged product (the entire product must be presented in the images for the proof to be viable).


    I have entered an incorrect address what do I do now?

    If you have entered an incorrect address, please contact us at info@aevial.com as soon as possible. However if your order has already been processed, it will not be possible to modify the address nor cancel the order/offer refund. Always make sure to enter your correct address when placing your order. 


    Can I cancel my order?

    If you want to cancel your order, contact our support team info@aevial.com as soon as possible. However if your order is already processed, we will not be able to cancel the order. Note that the order processing can be quick and it is our customer service team who have the final say on the ability to cancel the order.


    My tracking is not updating, what can I do? 

    If your tracking has not updated since you placed your order or has stop updating for more than 10 days, do not worry, your order is neither lost nor forgotten. Our tracking platform might have issues showcasing your courier info. Solve this issue by contacting our support team info@aevial.com for personalized support regarding the tracking of your parcels. 


    Do I need to hire a professional for light fixture installation?

    For optimal safety and performance, we highly recommend hiring a professional to install your light fixture. This ensures proper installation and minimizes the risk of misuse, guaranteeing that your lighting system functions at its best. Your peace of mind and the longevity of your fixture are our top priorities.


    More questions? 

    Email us at info@aevial.com and we will get back to you within 2 business days.